About Us

Glitter & Goon is a beautiful surprise. When I started making t-shirts it wasn't to make a profit, it was  because I wanted to wear clothes that reflected who I was. I don't identify as your typical "conscious" Black woman so I didn't want to live in that box. I am a self actualized, empowered, melanated  Goddess. I am multi-textured I am funny, sassy, sexy, I am MAGIC. I love myself radically, I heal myself daily and I wanted to wear something that conveyed that. Once I started making shirts for myself people began to ask where I bought them and my response was always "oh I designed it myself" and then the follow up question was "well do you sell them?" and the answer was always no. Then one day I woke up and realized that I needed to work for myself, and I started brain storming on ways to do that and that is how Glitter & Goon was born. It is an amalgamation of all that I am as a Black Woman. I am soft and feminine but I am warrior. I am blessed and honored to share my life's work with you. I hope you find something here that helps you live in your truth and own your magic.