Glitter & Goon LLC is a Spiritual Wellness business created by Faheemah Salahud-Din Floyd. Raised in a household where culture and tradition were honored Faheemah searched for ways to be of service to her community. During that time she became a Community Organizer and Graphic Designer. Shortly thereafter she founded Glitter & Goon LLC. Even though it started as a t-shirt business Glitter & Goon quickly blossomed into a full spectrum Spiritual Wellness Business. By merging her knowledge in graphic design, small business consulting, healing work, and apparel Faheemah creates a bridge between our internal and external healing by encouraging us to embrace all that we are. In doing so she shows us what a Spiritual Wellness Business looks like reimagined. Glitter & Goon challenges the stereotypes of traditional healing spaces by asserting that we are all healers, and we do not have to be afraid to being our authentic selves. She teaches us healing is a full body experience, and that it's ok to embrace our outward beauty while working to heal and repair our inward beauty. Whether she’s healing with her hands, her clothes, her knowledge or her designs Faheemah has turned Glitter & Goon into a sacred space of healing. And in doing so she invites us to adorn our temples from the inside out.