Yerba Santa

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Like most things in nature, Yerba Santa has healing, cleansing and protection properties. The name Yerba Santa means "holy herb" in Spanish, it is used to set boundaries and for purification and spiritual healing. It is also a natural remedy against coughing and other ailments. When burned it's smoke works as a decongestant for lungs, sinus, asthma, runny nose cold or allergies. Working as an expectorant Yerba Santa loosens up phlegm and expels it from the respiratory tract. As an emotional remedy Yerba Santa is a good herb for people who are suffering from grief and depression. These emotions are stored in the heart and lungs and when Yerba Santa works to remove ailments from the respiratory system it releases negative emotions as well.  


1 - 4-inch hand bundled Yerba Santa smudge wand

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