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The Eye And Eye Bundle is created to assist in opening and balancing your Third Eye Chakra. Also known as  Mer and The First Eye in Kemetic Science the Third Eye is our sixth chakra. Located in the forehead between the eyes the Third Eye controls our ability to connect with the seen and unseen. It is the source of our intuition, and it allows us to see life on a macro level. The Third Eye connects our imagination, intuition and wisdom. It is literally our soul’s eye. The Third Eye is connected to the pituitary gland, pineal gland, eyes, ears and the brain.  When your Chakras are open and balanced these parts of your body function well, but when you are imbalanced they can manifest as internal malfunctions within the body which in turn become outward malfunctions in our behavior and actions.  Chakras can become imbalanced for a variety of reasons. This puts your mind, body and spirit out of alignment. We have the ability to open and balance all of our Chakras through the foods we eat, sound, smell, meditation, colors, visualization, thoughts, words and our physical activities. The Eye and Eye Bundle serves as a tool kit on your journey to balance your Third Eye Chakra. 

Each Bundle Comes With:

2 Spiritual Baths infused with essential oils that open the Third Eye Chakra, flowers,  love, good intentions, songs and prayer

1 Palo Santo Stick

3 Tea Light Candles

Third Eye Mantras & Affirmations  to recite during your bath 


Not Sure if Your Third Eye Chakra Is Balanced? Check out our tips below:

When Our Heart Chakra Is Imbalanced We May Feel: Oversensitivity, lack of personal awareness, lack of awareness between high and lower self, judgemental, holier than thou mindset,  creative block, lack of intuition, poor decision making, manipulative, cocky, arrogant, inability to see life outside of the material world.

* If you have an allergy or sensitivities to essential oils, herbs or flowers please email me before ordering info@glitterandgoon.com *

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