Florida Water

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Florida Water is a citrus-based herbal cologne that is used as a  spiritual cleanser. It is used in ceremonies, rituals, offerings, and in the home. Florida water is used to cleanse our bodies, altars, crystals, objects and our home. When working with crystals for healing it is advised to use Florida water to cleanse your crystals in between usages to ride the crystal of the outside energies. Before doing any spiritual work use Florida water to wipe down your tools and surfaces. Florida water can be added to your baths for a quick energy cleansing, it can be poured on your hands every morning before you leave the home as a form of protection. You can add Florida water to your mopping solution to cleanse evil and (or) negative spirits from your home. It can also be sprayed on your windows to prevent negative energy from entering your home. While it is a very useful tool Florida water only works if you are working on yourself. Please respect this tool and it will respect you. 

This tool cannot rid you of negative energy if you are the negative energy in your life. It is not a quick fix but rather a natural, organic remedy that aids in protecting us from the negative entities that exist in the world. Please use this item responsibly, and weekly to render the best results. This is not to be used in replacement of your regular prayers, meditations, ritual ceremonies or offerings. You do not have to subscribe to a specific faith base to use these tools. 

As a protection to myself as a healer, ALL SPIRITUAL ITEMS ARE FINAL SALE. If for some reason you are sent the wrong items or your items have been damaged in transit please contact me in 7 business days at info@glitte