Clearing Kit

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The Clearing Kit is for those who wish to clear their space of negative energies and restore balance and harmony.

Selenite is a crystal that promotes profound relaxation and is ideal for meditation and spiritual work. It assists with decision-making and insight while clearing up misunderstandings and seeing the bigger picture. Selenite is excellent for clearing energy from the human body as well as the energy on objects. Selenite can be used to charge other crystals  

Blue Sage is known to keep viruses at bay while removing bacteria from the air. Blue sage is used to welcome wealth, abundance, happiness, prosperity and healing.  Due to its soothing smell, it said to bring coolness into your life.

White sage often referred to as California white sage is primarily used as a spiritual tool to purify your home's energy. it works as a cleanser by removing negative energies as well as heightening your sense of intuition.


2 Selenite Sticks (4-5 inches)

1 Blue Sage Wand (4 inches)

1 White Sage Wand (4 inches)

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