Ancestral Energy Report

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In honor of Black History Month, February’s Energy Reports will be centered on Ancestral reverence. The ability to connect with our Ancestors and understand their energy, messages, and the way they fight for us is a gift. Due to colonization, that gift has been blocked from the lives of many Black people. We have been disconnected, and many of us did not grow up with the knowledge of our Ancestral power. But we have the tools to change that. 

In this 1-On-1 Session, we will uncover the energetic themes of your Ancestral lineage, and in doing so establish a connection between you and your peoples. 

We will be exploring the following themes: 

- The gifts of your Ancestral Lineage

- What lessons your Ancestors want you to learn 

- The energetic theme of your Ancestral lineage 

- Steps you can take to heal your bloodline


Each session comes with:

A 60-minute zoom session 

A typed Energy Report.

This session is for any Black person who wants to strengthen the connection to their Ancestors. 

Your full birth name and the full birth names of both parents along with your birthdate will be needed for this session. Please email us and forward that information to 

All Sessions Will Begin In February 2022