Spiritual & Wholistic Wellness

Like most Black women I come from a lineage of Healers, but I had to find my space in the healing world. In order to be an asset to my community I had to first heal myself. I had to come home to myself and relearn all that I had forgotten. I had to make peace with my natural gifts and who I am as a person. I had to reclaim my heritage, sit at the foot of my teachers,  establish my own connection with the Creator and in doing so I manifested this branch of my business. Glitter & Goon is what spiritual wellness looks like reimagined. We challenge the status quo while making healing accessible to everyday people.

As a Community Organizer and Certified Reiki Practitioner I know that my people are in need of a social, spiritual, cultural and economic upheaval, but none of that can happen until we are healed as a people. Healing is the only answer and it is imperative that it happens from the cradle to the grave. Healers don't fix people, we simply clear the blockages in your heart so that you can come yourself. I hold sacred space for you as you heal yourself and it is my honor to do so. It is my goal to offer affordable, sustainable holistic wellness services to my community

Current Online Services:

Business Coaching

Life Purpose Coaching 

Distance Reiki Sessions

Sound Healing 

Chakra Readings 

Crystal Healing 

Aromatherapy Healing 

Pendulum Reading 

Intuitive Card Readings

Guided Meditation 

Virtual Doula Services

Spiritual Wellness Sessions 


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