Self-Love Is Ancestor Reverence

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Self-love is an act of ancestor reverence. It honors those who fought for your right to flourish, it roots you in your reality and reminds you of the infinite potential within. By loving yourself you will inherently connect with those who came before you. 

Join us for this transformative two-day online workshop where we'll explore the embodiment of radical, decolonized self-love as a practice of honoring our ancestors, reconnecting to our ancestral lineages, and living a life that is birthed from the awareness of our innate power.

Participants will be given tools to develop a personal practice of decolonized self-love as a means to strengthen their relationship with self, their community and their Ancestral lineages. 

In this workshop we will explore:

  • How colonization damages our self-image

  • How colonization has erased our communication with the divine, our ancestors, and how we can reconnect

  • How to decolonize our love 

  • Practices that will strengthen self-love 

  • How Ancestor reverence and self-love are one in the same 

  • Practices around ancestor reverence to infuse your life with love, power, magic, strength, guidance & wisdom.

  • creating strategies to combat internalized racism through intentional self-love practices

  • How to create an uncolonized life 

This workshop was created for Black people by a Black woman. It’s not by chance that you’re here. This is an invitation to decolonize your life, come home to yourself, and reconnect with your ancestral lineage through radical self-love. 

Seats are limited so secure your spot today!