Merch Store Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions:

By making a purchase you state that you are in agreement with all Glitter & Goon LLC  policies that are listed below:

1.) By purchasing this service called "Merch Store" you are hiring Glitter & Goon LLC to create a custom print on demand store. 

2.) This is a non-refundable service. All sales are final. 

3.) The fee that is paid ($504) at the time of purchase is the cost of services rendered.  

4.) This service fee does not cover additional costs for the business, such as purchasing a domain, the cost of purchasing an online storefront, the cost of procuring samples, trademarks, copyrights, writing copy for the website, and other resources that are needed to maintain an e-commerce website. All fees associated with the website will be the responsibility of the client.

5.) As the client you will have to purchase an account with Shopify in order to build your store. 

6.) As the client you will be responsible for purchasing your website domain

7. As the client you will be responsible for purchasing all samples for your website 

8.) As the client you are responsible for making sure that all names, pictures, titles, phrases and quotes are yours to legally use in commerce. Glitter &Goon does not check trademarks or copyrights, so if you commit copyright infringement or trademark infringement with your designs we will not be held liable. Please make sure you have legal right to use anything affiliated with your business. 

9.) As the client you are responsible for providing Glitter &Goon with all the information necessary to build your store. That includes pictures, website copy, copy for product descriptions, website logins etc. If we do not receive this information, (or email correspondence with an estimated delivery date ) within 7 business days from purchasing your store we reserve the right to terminate your contract and no refund will be issued. 

10.) All stores will be completed 30 days after you sign your Intake Form & Service Agreement., not 30 days from the day you purchase. Once the Intake Forms are completed your store will be started. If there are 10 or more projects in cue we will let you know up front that the delivery day will be extended. By purchasing this service it means you agree with the delivery date potentially changing. Glitter & Goon reserves the right to extend the the 30-day window to allow the client to purchase samples. If the store is delayed from being completed because the client did not provide adequate information there will be a $250 fee for each month that we have to wait for the information to be turned in. 

11.) This service comes with:

  • 2  Original Graphic Designs (typography and/or pictures) 

  • 1 Free Consultation

  • 1 Logo (or additional design if you already have a logo) 

  • 4-Page Shopify website 

  • Assistance with setting up a payment gateway

  • Product Mockups 

  • Assistance with purchasing a  website domain

  • Assistance with finding manufacturers

  • Assistance with ordering samples


12.) This service comes with 2 original designs and 1 logo created by the Glitter & Goon Graphics Team. Those graphics include 1 mock up per graphic. If the client already has a logo, an extra graphic design can be made instead, for a total of 3 custom graphics. Each design gets a maximum of 2 revisions each.

13.) Glitter & Goon LLC grants the client all commercial rights to the designs created during this contract. The client is free to use the designs in commerce, trademark, and or copyright them. Glitter & Goon LLC reserves the right to add the designs to our design portfolio. 

14.) All graphics get 2 revisions each. 

15.) We will put your graphics on a maximum of 5 products. The products must be from the list we provided. If the product is out of stock or sold out, you are allowed to choose a new product. 

16.) Your website gets 2 revisions for the website,  and 1 revision per product.  Product revisions include changing the placement of the graphic on your product, changing the color of the product, or selecting a new product to place your graphic on. It doesn’t include changing the graphics and artwork. Glitter & Goon does not provide ongoing support, or changes to your store once the creation of the website is complete. Any additional maintenance, support, or upkeep is the responsibility of the client.

17. The completion of this store is contingent upon the client approving their graphics, website design and ordering samples. If the client does not complete these tasks within the time allocated the store cannot be completed and a monthly fee of $250 will be charged until the client approves graphics, website design and product samples. 

18.) A Brand Consultation comes with this service. All appointments must be scheduled within 30 days of completing your Intake Form & Service Agreement. Rescheduling or cancellations must be done within 48 hours of the appointment. Failure to cancel or reschedule within the approved timeframe will be considered a no call no show. On the date of your appointment late arrival beyond 10 minutes is also considered a no call no show. In both of these situations a $30 rebooking fee is required to reschedule. 

19.) Upon purchasing this service, you will be sent an Intake Form & Service Agreement. This form must be completed within 3 business. Your store will not be started until the form is complete. 

20. ) Aside from the Brand Consultation all correspondence will be done via email. In order to assist us in completing your store within 30-days all emails must be responded to within 3 days. If we send an email and do not hear from you within 7 days of when it was sent we reserve the right to terminate your contract. No refund will be issued. 

21.) All content published on our website is the property of  Faheemah Salahud-Din Floyd also known as Ayaba Gunwa. It is both trademarked and protected by international copyright laws. As such, you do not have permission to share any content found on this website, service projects, course offerings, digital downloads, or any related material. You are not allowed to recreate or redistribute any information provided on this website, service projects, course offerings, digital downloads, or any related material. The content provided on this website is offered in accordance with services (audio, digital downloads, images, texts, tools, videos, etc.) and it is solely for educational  and promotional use.

 22.) Glitter & Goon makes no claims or guarantees regarding the success of your customer print on demand store.  Results cannot be guaranteed because they are directly correlated with your ability to understand, receive, and integrate the information, teachings, and tools given to you. All outcomes are a reflection of the effort you put in at your own discretion outside of our time together. Glitter & Goon LLC is not responsible for the monetary success of the client or their business. Glitter & Goon LLC is simply contracted to create the store and offer consultation to assist in completing the store. It is the responsibility of the client to maintain the store and its upkeep after it is launched.